Vaccines – What ought we do … ?

UPDATED to include responses to questions I asked of the Australian Government Department of Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Team

Its been a little while and I haven’t been that well.

I wrote an essay on the weekend of 12, 13, and 14 February 2021 about use of vaccines by Christians (and more generally, people of faith). The essay focuses on how we might best respond to some of the new COVID vaccines that have a development and indeed a testing basis in foetal cell lines, descendant from decades old aborted human foetal cells.

This can be a complex area of morality and bioethics for people of faith. The essay is not a short read, but I do hope you find it both informative and helpful for yourself, and perhaps even your own faith community. If you appreciate the work, please feel free to share and discuss within your community.

Oh, and there is a couple of questions to which I could not (yet) give a more complete response. I have asked the Australian Government’s COVID resource team to provide a considered view. I hope that they come through on this.

The essay is here.

Take care all – nice chatting.

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  1. Thanks Wayne, for me at the age I’m now at and try to look at the future of the world through my little knowledge of the bible and end times, I have enjoyed the ups and worked through the downs ( which I’m currently challenged with a downs times) I am ready to meet my Lord anytime now. I do have a hard time with accepting end times happening now as children would miss seeing and experiencing the beauty of this world.
    COVID, yes I will get the jab as I feel that through our medical improvements GODs handiwork has a place in developing the outcomes of modern medical advancements. My other reason for getting the jab is to protect my neighbour and my children & grandchildren, it would be unbearable to know that if my refusal to have the jab resulted in the death of another, I would hate for this to run around in my already overloaded mind.
    Thank you for your papers on this subject.
    Blessings, Barry.

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