About Wayne

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Following my transition out of a successful aged care career, I now coach clients in career transition, leadership, and executive coaching. 

I have over forty years’ experience working in health and aged care sector of industry, and more than five years as a pastor of a local Baptist church in Perth’s northern suburbs.  I have spent in excess of twenty years in three significant Chief Executive Officer engagements. 

I commenced my aged care career in 1982 at Rowethorpe Village in Bentley, now a part of Juniper aged care services, and a total of eleven years developing my broad aged care services and executive leadership skills, before being successfully appointed to a Chief Executive role.  It was then that I really needed to learn about people and organisations. I was awarded a Medallion of the Order of Australia in 2007, in recognition of a significant contribution to community services. In reality that Award belongs to the many people I have worked with over four decades!

My seventeen years at the helm of the Bethanie Group taught me much about people; work, and how we work together; organisational theory and governance, and change management.  There are many highlights from those years and two in particular standout.  The first is the enormous gratitude and respect that I have for all the co-workers I have had the privilege to work with (in all organisations) over many years.  You are all uniquely gifted in the manner in which you care for others.  The second is that I am grateful for being able to have led our workforce and our clients through a tremendous period of service growth.  When we were being told our vision could not be achieved, we just went ahead and did it.  Thank you all! 

I coach my clients to create their own inspiring and motivated future, and to step into the career path that you feel is right for you.  I advise on navigation through times when your career path is a challenge.  I am passionate about people achieving their service and career potential, from roles that they craft for themselves.  I will work as a reflective sounding board to assist you to clarify your questions, concerns or problems, discover the real issues at the source of the matters you raise, and walk with you as you resolve those issues. 

I hold a Master in Business Law, a Master of Ministry, a Graduate Certificate of Divinity, a Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Health Administration and Gerontology), and a Diploma in Hospital Administration.  In addition, I have successfully completed Diploma studies in Professional, Career Transition, Leadership, and Executive Coaching.

I am a Southern Cross University, Vose Seminary, and Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) Alumni.

For an initial complimentary and confidential conversation, please don’t hesitate to contact me at my website at https://www.wlbelcher.com.au/contact-wayne/