Presenting at a Global Conference on Integrated Care

The below is from Braemar’s Media Release:

Wayne Belcher (OAM) will speak at the Global Conference on Integrated Care at the start of February, where he will present an analysis of Australia’s aged care sector, two decades after the Aged Care Act (1997) was implemented.

His presentation will cover areas including the history of aged care in Australia and how it has transitioned from basic care homes to a major industry, a review of the care models currently being employed as deregulation takes effect, and a review of clinical governance.

International experts from the USA, UK, Canada and Hong Kong will be among the conference speakers, which will take place at the Resorts World Convention Centre in Singapore from 1- 3 February 2018.

“As we have just passed the 20 year mark since the landmark aged care act was introduced in Australia, it is timely to look back and review what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how we can best position ourselves for improved care outcomes in the future,” says Mr Belcher.

“We’ve learned a great deal from examples of change in the aged care markets in New Zealand, the UK and the United States, so to share an analysis of Australia’s aged care industry with an international audience will hopefully go towards inspiring providers in other countries to strive for the best outcomes for those in their care.”

With a conference theme of: “Advance! Accelerating the Integration of Care”, additional conference presenters include clinicians, health and social care practitioners, healthcare administrators, academics and researchers.

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