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In conjunction with skilled colleagues Wayne L Belcher provides the following consulting services:

  • Future Search Workshop – Designed for board and executive teams, this programme allows senior leaders to rediscover and refocus their strategic intent by revitalising their mission, vision, and values; and their strategic objectives;
  • Strategic Planning workshop – Your organisation’s strategic objectives are translated into a strategic plan with actions designed to ensure the strategic objectives are met. 
  • Strategic Risk mapping workshop – Facilitates organisations and leadership teams to create visibility of their strategic risk profile; clarity on what specific actions are required to mitigate these risks; and a KPI profile for the board and chief executive officer;
  • Financial Performance and Capacity Diagnostics – Your organisation provides access to its financial accounts for confidential but comprehensive review and reporting;
  • Governance – Your board seeks a review and confidential report on its governance structure and performance, recommendations for change, and implementation of change that supports the organisation’s strategy.

These services are provided on the following basis:

  • Wayne L Belcher conducts future search workshops;
  • Wayne L Belcher works with John Frame to provide the strategic planning and strategic risk mapping service whenever a client requires these services;
  • John Frame provides the high level expertise of consulting services into financial performance and capacity diagnostics;
  • Wayne L Belcher and John Frame provide a governance review and present findings and recommendations to the board;

These executive leadership services are separable tasks. They can be provided as a complete suite of work, or as individual components.

To discuss any of these opportunities, please contact Wayne L Belcher.