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Having left an almost forty year career in human services I now specialise in career transition, leadership, and executive coaching. 

I coach my clients to create their own inspiring and motivated, self-determined future, and to step into the career path that you feel is right for you – and how to navigate through times when your career path is challenging for you.

In a nutshell, I am passionate about seeing people achieve their service and leadership potential, from roles that they craft for themselves along their career pathway.    

I will work as a reflective sounding board to assist you to clarify your questions, concerns or problems, discover the real issues at the source of the matters you raise, and walk with you as you resolve those issues.  I will also develop your skills as a results-focused leader / executive, so that you can provide the self-mastery and foresight needed to sustain growth and achieve long term objectives.  I can guide on development of new commercial activities and systematically maximising improvement in profitability and customer service level delivery.  I will hone your leadership and people management skills so that you have the ability to work either independently or within a team at all levels of an organisation, from the hands on delivery of service level to board governance level. 

I still hold an interest in the aged care sector. Using CILCA and CISCA tools as baseline capability assessments, I am able to provide coaching services to individual leaders, organisational teams, senior executives, and governing boards and committees.

I hold a Master in Business Law, a Master of Ministry, a Graduate Certificate of Divinity, a Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Health Administration and Gerontology), and a Diploma in Hospital Administration.  In addition, I have successfully completed Diploma studies in Professional, Leadership, Executive, and Career Transition Coaching.

For an initial complimentary and confidential conversation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.